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Queens' Day - What children can do

It's Queensday again!

Lovely time of the year, spring is blooming and we all cross our fingers hoping to get a nice and sunny day. But many people are actually scared of Queensday as it becomes so busy everywhere and handling children can be quite difficult! The best thing if you have older children (4+) is to organize a stall somewhere in the Vondelpark as this is the reign of children.

Here are some of the activities I have seen doing in the park throughout the years and some of them were really hilarious.

The simplest thing to do with your children is to select together the games they are not using anymore and sell them for 50 cents. This is the older dutch tradition of Queensday.

If you are willing to bake for a couple of days, you can sell slices of home made cakes, cupcakes, pizza and juices! The kids will enjoy helping you giving the food and taking the money.

If your children are talented, they can organize a little show of music or dance, like playing the flute or the guitar dressed as Pippi Longstokking.

If they like singing, another idea is to set up a karaoke so that people can offer a euro to hear them singing a song!

Other funny ideas are wearing a diving mask and buy and incredible amount of eggs or whipped cream, and for 1 euro, people can throw it on your children, they will have a ball to be dirty all day!!

When you have a creative husband-father, you can build a case with several lanes and organize red fish races where people can bid on their favourite red fish. Or with a pipe you can simply create a covered slide and people can try to catch with a hammer the ball that falls in the pipe.

Finally, you can organize a stall of face painting, and you will have a queue of children willing to be a lion or a princess!

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