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Meet the team

Kira (Dutch-Indonesian, owner/manager)

Background: I like my lunch to be served with a smile, the way I used to do it myself as a hotelier & event manager for years. On this blog I share with you my favourite Amsterdam places. I am not part of the Amsterdam tourist desk and everything written on this website is merely my opinion based on personal experiences.

Loves: Sushi & Chardonnay

Fav Amsterdam place: on the canals, on a private boat with friends on a sunny day.

I'm always on the outlook for new places, so send me your fav amsterdam spot! My addy: info [at]


Angelica (Italian, kids in amsterdam author)

Background: I am a MUM of two active boys (6 and 1 y.o.) and one princess (4 y.o.). I am a curious, outgoing and enthusiastic. My children are born and raised in Amsterdam and together we are exploring this great country. Via this blog I share with you our fun discoveries, from city playgrounds to where to go on a rainy day. You can't help but love this family-friendly city!

Loves: colours, smiles and ...good food!

Fav Amsterdam past time: skating on the frozen amsterdam canals in the winter. 

Got any tips for family trips? Mail me at[at]


Alex (Ukrainian, fashion & style author)

Background: During my career as a law practitioner, I expressed her passion for fashion via my blog (in Russian) and by publishing articles for online fashion magazines. I came to realize that for me making the world a better place is not by preparing investment contracts, but by helping people to embrace their individual beauty. This sparked my career move to become an certified image consultant and professional stylist. I work with clients from different cultural and professional backgrounds who seek style advice. 

Loves: shoes

Fav Amsterdam place: vintage shops

Desire fashion/style advice? Send me a mail or visit my website: alex[at]


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Launced in 2011, here are the LifeinAmsterdam highlights of its first year.

Highlight 1. Launch of in April 2011 and has counted 13.500 unique visitors. Yesterday, the website had it’s 60.000th page view. Last month, we had 2500+ unique visitors. 

Highlight 2. A couple that met at ‘my’ Valentine’s Day 2008 event got married!! 


Highlight 3. Together we raised a chicken farm with 120 chickens via our Charity-Comedy Show. In July four fellow actors and I made a (humorous) fool of ourselves for a good cause: via our show we raised E1200+ all of it was used to build a chicken farm for an orphanage Ethopia.

 At the bottom of this article, you can read the children's "Thank you" and "I love you" messages which was written on the back of the photo (right). 

By the way, in 2012 I want to raise 60 stuffed animals and send it to the kids. I'll let you know more about it in the New Year.

Highlight 4. The 60th Kiva loan was extended via the Life in Amsterdam Fund.  Via the former Cosmo Polite Fund, which I still manage, I just made the 60th loan via Kiva - loans that changes lives (you can do it too as of U$25!)

Highlight 5. The item ‘Bachelor(ette) of the Month’ was an instant success. Read how some of the bachelors 2011 are doing.

Highlight 6. My brother didn't kill me! He appreciated his Christmas gift which I gave him one hour ago. He will keep his mailbox open, so you can still get in contact with him - December Bachelor Elran.

And guys, send Bachelorette Myriah an e-mail. She’s a real cool gal!

Highlight 7. Since I closed down Cosmo Polite in July, the Wine on Wednesday draws in 30-50 people every time. I really can't seem to plan my life, as I intended to stop hosting events...

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I’m always stressed about what to write, but your positive responses makes it worth it. I appreciate every Facebook Like, newsletter subscription, sign up for the Expatica Speed Date and visit Wine on Wednesday.

Wishing you all a joyous festive season and hope to see you in the New Year!

Salute, chin-chin, sante... PROOST!


PS. If you want to win 2 free tickets to the English-surtitled play Disgrace, let me know why I should give it to you. Post a comment below or e-mail me: [at]




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