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bucketlist #81: Taste the most exclusive Dutch cheese: Reypenaer cheese

the most exclusive Dutch cheese: ReypenaerServed in the world’s most exclusive restaurants, including the former legend restaurant El Buli in Spain, Reypenaer cheese is a true icon. For over a century, the cheese is made by the family van den Wijngaard in Woerden, 40 km south of Amsterdam. Using age-old traditional maturing techniques, the cheeses are given as long as they need to develop their richness and full flavour.

Each cheese is naturally matured in the historic cheese warehouse. To get acquainted with all of the cheeses, then visit the Reypenaer Tasting Room located in the center of Amsterdam.

In the Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Room, you can personally test and evaluate the flavour, the aroma and the qualities of the Reypenaer cheeses, all under the guidance of an expert cheese taster. Check the tasting agenda and reserve online.

Reypenaer Tasting Room, Singel 182, Amsterdam centre.

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