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Listen to our what's up amsterdam podcast about this week's happenings.

Amsterdam Vlogs

Over the past few years videos have really started to take off. Luckily for us there are a number of really great Amsterdam vloggers who make wonderful videos highlighting the wonders of life in Amsterdam.

We've also started our own LifeInAmsterdam youtube channel where we'll periodically be posting Amsterdam short videos. Here is our first video.


Kingsday / Koningsdag

KINGSDAY / KONINGSDAG is the biggest party and biggest outdoor market of the year in The Netherlands. King's Day (formerly Queen's Day) bring the masses onto the streets. You'll never see Amsterdam as busy as this. This time DutchifiedBlog decided to show you the sights of the city with a slight twist. In 2015, King's Day took place on Monday, 27 April 2015.

Cool Utrecht Hotspots

In this video DutchifiedBlog together with EveryBobby and Utrecht blogger Meheer Pluisbaord explore a hip new upcoming area of the Oudegracht in Utrecht. Made up of the Westerkade and Oosterkade, this is where some of the best restaurants and best coffee shops in Utrecht have opened. 

In this video the following places were visited: 


Goede Vrijdag
Koffie Leute:



Amsterdam Street Food by DutchifiedBlog

Amsterdam offers a surprising variety of cheap but delicious street food options. The below video features some of the best street food in Amsterdam.